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Ship-to-Shore-Crane Replacement – GCT Vanterm

Dear Community Member,

We would like to notify our neighbours and local residents about delivery of two replacement ship-to-shore cranes as part of our ongoing investment in modern, efficient container handling equipment at GCT Vanterm. The replacement cranes will be transported to the terminal on a vessel, safely off-loaded and erected.

This new equipment will replace two 25-year-old cranes, one of which was already removed due to irreparable damage suffered in 2019 following the unfortunate Evergreen container vessel incident. The second crane will be taken out of service and removed some time after delivery, installation, and commissioning of the two replacement cranes.

Delivery of the replacement cranes is expected to begin during the last week of November. The off-loading phase is expected to take seven days and will occur during GCT Vanterm’s standard operating schedule of 24 hours a day. Installation and commissioning can take up to an additional four months and will occur during GCT Vanterm’s day schedule of 06:00-18:00.

No uniquely identifiable noise or light associated with the delivery, installation, or operation of the new cranes are expected . The adjacent community’s current sound and light levels will not be impacted.

Once fully assembled, the replacement cranes will be about 18m taller than the older cranes and be predominately cloud white colour to visually mitigate daytime skyline visibility.

Work Dates:          28 November 2020, continuing for 3-4 months Work Location: GCT Vanterm, 1300 Stewart Street, Vancouver BC

If you would like any further information about this delivery, or the project, please contact GCT Canada:

Email: Phone: Online :


For Vancouver Fraser Port Authority related questions and concerns, please contact the VFPA’s Community Feedback Line via email to or call 604.665.9004.