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GCT Vanterm takes delivery of two modern ship-to-shore cranes.

$160 million investment to modernize and densify.  

Connect with North America’s most advanced on-dock rail facilities.


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Global Container Terminals.


GCT Deltaport the most efficient and capable ship-to-rail discharge facility worldwide.

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Welcome to GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.

Synchronized logistics — delivering your goods efficiently and reliably for more than a century.

Our terminals are strategically located on the West Coast of Canada, and they boast some of the most advanced and largest on-dock rail facilities in North America.  This superior technology along with our skilled teams work in harmony to ensure our customers avoid disruptions and their cargo is delivered reliably.

There’s a century of experience behind us, yet we’re more forward-looking than ever. From constantly upgrading processes and operations to completing big-picture expansion projects, we are continually investing in our business to help customers grow theirs. We pride ourselves on being in sync with the evolving needs and expectations of the industry.

major carriers served

Serving the top 20 container carriers in the world.

technology leader

Technology Leader of Terminal Operations in North America.

strategic terminal locations

2 Terminals Located in Canada.

facilities on west coast

Facilities on the North American West Coast.

Our History.

gct history

Over a century of experience.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. has been making waves in the container terminal industry for over a hundred years. Our subsidiary, GCT Canada (formerly TSI Terminal Systems Inc.), has been operating on the West Coast since 1907 and is responsible for running both GCT Vanterm and GCT Deltaport. Beyond operating these facilities, GCT Canada has also played a major role in developing Canada’s Pacific Gateway.

Our commitment to high standards, customer focus, and safety has earned us long-term relationships with the world's largest carriers. With an emphasis on innovation, we continuously strive to improve our operations and provide exceptional service.

As we look to the future, GCT remains committed to upholding our legacy of excellence. With over a century of experience, we are poised to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of container terminal operations and continue to positively impact the industry.

company history

Our Future.

gct equipment

A long-term strategy.

GCT has always been committed to the growth and sustainability of the communities and ports in which we operate. As we grow as a company, we will continue to support and protect the people, wildlife, and land around us.

With a focus on the future and our customers’ ever-growing needs, GCT is implementing several unique expansion projects that will strengthen our leadership position and support the growing capacity needs of our industry. Our Global Commitment underscores our dedication to responsible and incremental growth. In line with this commitment, we are actively investing in state-of-the-art technologies that enhance operational efficiency while reducing emissions and energy consumption. This comprehensive approach leads to long-term success that encompasses environmental stewardship, community support, innovation, and social responsibility.

Our Mission.

Forward thinking in every way.

Global Container Terminals moves containers to and from ships, trucks, and trains in a cost-effective, secure, and sustainable manner that provides value to our customers and shareholders while fostering a safe and congenial workplace.

Our Values.

The three words that define us.

Safety. Pride. Professionalism. Far beyond just a tagline, these are the words behind every action, innovation, and success at GCT. These principles are upheld daily by our leadership, staff, and workforce to provide best-in-class service to our customers and stakeholders.

GCT crane with text reading: Safety. Pride. Professionalism.
GCT employee standing in front of cranes


We are committed to safety in all of our operations. Safeguarding our employees, our customers and their cargo, our company assets, and the environment in which we operate will always come first.


We take great pride in our terminals, our work, the local communities, and most importantly, our people.

Pride in our terminals because our facilities represent our commitment to operational excellence and innovation.

Pride in what we do because helping our customers and partners to achieve their goals is our first priority.

Pride in our local communities because they are our neighbours and it is our responsibility to respect their homes, protect the surrounding wildlife, and support local economic and social growth. Their acceptance of what we do is vital to us.

Pride in our people because they embody the drive and work ethic that our company is built on. Their success is our success and it is our goal to make every one of our team members feel valued and respected.


We strive for professionalism in all aspects of our customer service and terminal operations. This means we act with honesty and integrity, uphold the highest ethical standards, and demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action we take. We are always respectful towards our people, customers, and property, while maintaining an environment of teamwork, growth, and safety.

Eric Waltz President, GCT Canada
Cheryl Yaremko Chief Financial Officer
Todd Croll General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Marko Dekovic Vice President, Public Affairs
Brenda Eprile Chair of the Board
Adrian Croft Director
Sebastian Griffin Director
Ashley Munroe Director
Jane O’Hagan Director
Daniel Rossetti Director
Brit Scott Director
Nicholas A. West Director
Jim Wierstra Director