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Global Commitment

We are committed to making sustainability a priority. This is the foundation of our Global Commitment, which reflects our dedication to the environment, safety, and community. We believe it is our responsibility, not only as a business, but also as good neighbours, to ensure the future of generations to come.

As our terminals continue to expand and increase capacity, sustainability remains a core focus in everything we do, from our operating procedures to the equipment we use.

The Global Commitment seal is our visible pledge to a greener future and is placed on all GCT terminal equipment that meets our environmentally friendly standards.


Canada Net Zero Challenge

By joining the federal Net Zero 2050 Challenge, we are taking tangible steps towards a sustainable tomorrow. Through investment in cutting-edge technologies, we enhance operational efficiency while minimizing emissions and energy consumption. Our dedication to environmental stewardship, innovation, and social responsibility drives everything we do. We have been very successful for over a century because we are forward-thinking. Through ongoing process refinement and strategic investment, we ensure that our operations remain in sync with the evolving needs of the industry.

In addition to decarbonizing our on-site operations, GCT is also dedicated to supporting the federal government’s work with the other signatories of the Clydebank Declaration, as we all work towards establishing green shipping corridors that will accelerate broader decarbonization of the shipping sector and its fuel supply.

As the largest tenant of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, GCT looks forward to collaborating further with industry partners in support of the port authority’s vision for the Port of Vancouver to be the world’s most sustainable port.

Emission Reduction Strategy – Four Pillars

#1. Renewable Fuels: We are harnessing the power of renewable energy sources to fuel our operations. By integrating sustainable fuels into our supply chain, we reduce our carbon footprint while promoting cleaner energy alternatives.

#2. Optimized Operations: Efficiency is key to emission reduction. Through continuous optimization of our operational processes, we minimize energy consumption and waste generation, ensuring that every aspect of our business is as environmentally friendly as possible.

#3. Tier 4F Engines: Investing in cutting-edge technology, we employ Tier 4F engines renowned for their superior fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. By upgrading our fleet to these advanced engines, we are taking significant strides towards a cleaner and greener future.

#4. Zero Emission Equipment: We are pioneering the use of zero-emission equipment in our operations. By embracing innovative solutions such as electric-powered machinery, we are eliminating harmful emissions altogether, further solidifying our commitment to sustainability.

Preserving Coastal Habitats

At GCT, we are dedicated to safeguarding the delicate coastal habitats that surround our terminals. As proud members of The Nature Trust of British Columbia’s Community Conservation Champion program, we prioritize the preservation of these vital ecosystems.

Our commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about actively participating in initiatives that ensure coastal areas’ long-term health and sustainability. By partnering with The Nature Trust of BC, we contribute to the protection of iconic species and natural treasures that define British Columbia’s landscape.

Responsible management of our operations is central to our approach. We focus on densifying within existing footprints, minimizing the need for additional land use, and integrating restoration efforts into our terminal development projects. Through these efforts, we strive to leave a positive impact on the environment and communities where we operate.

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading non-profit land conservation organization with over 50 years of success in protecting and caring for BC’s most critical habitats. Established in 1971, the organization is deeply committed to preserving the province’s biodiversity by securing, restoring, and managing ecologically significant lands. Boundary Bay, chosen by GCT for habitat conservation, stands out as a notable area where vulnerable wildlife, fish and plants face endangerment due to declining populations.


Indigenous Relations

In response to Call to Action #92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Report, GCT is committed to advancing reconciliation and pursuing shared prosperity.

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Community Investment

It is our duty as responsible, corporate citizens to ensure the future of generations to come.

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Blue Circle Award

GCT is proud to be a recipient of the Blue Circle Award, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability within the Port of Vancouver. This award recognizes our accomplishments in energy efficiency and conservation, particularly through the transition from diesel or gasoline to electrical energy sources, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Climate Smart

GCT is part of the Climate Smart Program. Since 2014, we have successfully achieved absolute emission reductions and per TEU reductions. GCT is committed to reaching 45% absolute reductions by 2030 to meet Paris Agreement Reduction targets and Net Zero by 2050.

Green Marine

GCT has been Green Marine Certified since 2014. We maintain Green Marine certification at all terminals, earning exemplary marks for a container terminal operator in the program across all performance indicators, including the new Community Relations indicator. This rigorous industry certification program sets high benchmarks above and beyond regulation for air, land, and water protection.


GCT reports to the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) including scope 3 emissions according to the relevant GHG protocol indicators.