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GCT Takes on the Federal Net Zero Challenge

Vancouver, BC – GCT Global Container Terminals (GCT) is proud to formalize our emissions reduction efforts by signing onto the federal government’s Net Zero Challenge.

Reaching our target of net zero by 2050 will require ambition, innovation, and collaboration between industry and all levels of government. By investing now, we can ensure Canada remains competitive in the low-carbon global economy and support our collective goals in mitigating the effects of climate change. GCT will strive to be an industry leader in supporting Canada’s and British Columbia’s climate objectives.

We are committed to making sustainability a priority — this is the foundation of our Global Commitment, which reflects our dedication to the environment, safety, and community.  We believe it is our responsibility—not only as a business but also as good neighbours—to ensure the future of generations to come.

Following the recommendations and actions set out in the Government of Canada’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, GCT will build on the investments we have already made to reduce emissions by:

  • Expanding our light-duty fleet electrification through the introduction of three electric vehicles, including a 19-passenger mini bus, a delivery vehicle, and a security truck;
  • Adding 6 new electric ship-to-shore cranes;
  • Installing LED lighting; and
  • Investing in low-emission container handling equipment.

In addition to decarbonizing our on-site operations, GCT is also dedicated to supporting the federal government’s work with the other signatories of the Clydebank Declaration, as we all work towards establishing green shipping corridors that will accelerate broader decarbonization of the shipping sector and its fuel supply. 

As the largest tenant of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, GCT looks forward to collaborating further with industry partners in support of the port authority’s vision for the Port of Vancouver to be the world’s most sustainable port.

“This investment in innovation provides us with an opportunity to do things better, safer, and in a more environmentally friendly way”, said President and CEO of GCT Global Container Terminals, Eric Waltz. “Taking on the Federal Net Zero Challenge reinforces our focus on environmentally responsible practices at our terminals.  As we continue to expand and increase capacity, sustainability will remain a core value.

“I commend GCT for the steps they’re taking to help reach net zero by 2050, including their investment in green technologies and commitment to the federal Net Zero Challenge. Collaboration and innovation will play a critical role as we work toward our shared goal of reducing port-related emissions at Canada’s largest port while advancing the nation’s trade objectives.”

-Peter Xotta, Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain Vancouver Fraser Port Authority


Whether introducing new environmentally-responsible equipment, ensuring early and responsive engagement on projects or increasing capacity without increasing our footprint, these efforts have made a difference, reducing emissions intensity per container moved by almost 20% across our operations:

  • EV Charger Installations and Vehicle Upgrades Continue:
    • 28 EV chargers are active across GCT Deltaport and GCT Vanterm, with complimentary charging provided to employees and the workforce to encourage utilization; 26 additional chargers have been received and are approved for commissioning this year.
    • In 2023, EV chargers installed at GCT removed 350,000 kg of GHG emissions from our communities.
    • GCT is adding three Electric Vehicles to its fleet, including a 19-passenger mini bus, a delivery vehicle and a security truck.
  • Going Beyond Regulation:
    • Climate Smart Certification is complete at all GCT Terminals, with reductions in absolute and per TEU emissions across the board. Absolute emission reductions across GCT are equivalent to removing over 8 million miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.
    • Maintained Green Marine certification at all terminals – earning the highest marks for a container terminal operator in the program across all performance indicators, including the new Community Relations indicator. GCT has been Green Marine Certified since 2014. This rigorous industry certification program sets high benchmarks above and beyond regulation for air, land, and water protection.

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