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Another Milestone for GCT Deltaport Expansion – Berth Four Project

VANCOUVER, BC – On May 31, 2022, GCT’s Deltaport Expansion – Berth Four Project (DP4) reached another key milestone in the coordinated impact assessment process. The BC Environmental Assessment Agency (BCEAO) has issued the Process Order for the project and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) issued the final Joint Guidelines and Notice of Commencement moving the DP4 project forward to the Impact Statement Development Phase.

We want to thank the regulatory agencies, Indigenous communities, stakeholders, and supply chain partners for their engagement and collaboration in achieving this milestone.  But much work remains in front of us.

About the Impact Assessment

The Process Order and Joint Permitting/Regulatory Coordination Plan provide the procedures and methods for the assessment, permitting, detail the scope of the project, what information must be provided, how the information must be gathered and analyzed, who must be involved, how they must be engaged, and the timing of the subsequent phases of the environmental assessment. This phase of the coordinated impact assessment prescribes a timeline of up to three years to submit an Impact Statement.  GCT will undertake efforts to submit the Impact Statement earlier, if possible, through engagement and collaboration with Indigenous communities, stakeholders, and our supply chain partners.

About the Project

The GCT Deltaport Expansion – Berth Four Project is a sustainable, incremental, and privately-funded expansion of GCT’s existing terminal footprint to add a fourth berth, delivering required capacity while minimizing impact on our neighbours, environment, Indigenous fishing grounds, and our workforce. The DP4 Project will add up to 2M TEUs of new capacity, in line with the demand.

GCT has a proud history and a proven record of delivering economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable projects. Learn more about why DP4 is the better option for container capacity expansion that is in Canada’s best interest at

GCT is excited to achieve this milestone, advancing DP4 to the next phase of the project assessment and looks forward to ongoing engagement.

To learn more about the DP4 Project, please see the following:
– Official documents at the IAAC registry and the BCEAO EPIC site;
Project web page and sign up for updates;
Information campaign about the DP4 Project and other projects proposed at Roberts Bank.  

About GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. operates four Green Marine certified terminals in two principal North American ports. For over a century, GCT has sustainably grown with innovative technology and our industry-leading Global Commitment to the environment and community. Through GCT USA on the East Coast, the company operates two award-winning facilities: GCT New York on Staten Island, NY, and GCT Bayonne in Bayonne, NJ. On the West Coast, GCT Canada operates two gateway terminals: GCT Vanterm and GCT Deltaport in Vancouver and Delta, BC.

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