Our Terminals

Four strategically located terminals in two countries.

Our four state-of-the art terminals are positioned on the East and West Coasts in order to provide our carrier customers with easy access to the major international trade routes. All four have direct access to major freeways and national railways, so connections to-and-from the terminals are fast and reliable. And, in keeping with our leadership position, we are constantly upgrading and improving our technology, equipment, and processes so that we can continue delivering on time, every time.

GCT Bayonne | Bayonne, New Jersey

State-of-the-art, award-winning GCT Bayonne is situated in the Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, New Jersey. Designed to the largest vessels operating on its tradelane, it is the closest container terminal to the harbour entrance. Currently at 40 hectares (100 acres), the terminalallows for unencumbered vessel approaches and reduces transit times by two hours and features the fastest truck turn times in the port of New York and New Jersey. Completed in 2014, the GCT Bayonne Expansion increases the size of the terminal so it now spans over 68 hectares (167 acres) and features an 823-metre (2,700-foot) berth. Leveraging the design, technology, and process improvements from its berth and landside modernization, the facility’s yard and gate complex was further upgraded, enabling GCT Bayonne to become the first terminal to introduce an advanced truck appointment system on the East Coast, smoothing traffic and reducing emissions as featured by the US EPA.

GCT Bayonne | Bayonne Website

GCT New York | Staten Island, New York

GCT New York is a full-service container and general cargo facility in the New York harbour. Strategically located on Staten Island near the Goethals Bridge, the terminal occupies 58 hectares (187 acres) of upland area. It has a 6,169-square metre (66,400-square foot) refrigerated warehouse, a dedicated container exam station, and as well features a toll reimbursement program and a new overweight corridor route, established in January 2018.  Efficient and ready accessibility to major truck routes and on-dock rail seamlessly connect the terminal to neighbouring distribution centres and the North American road and rail network. GCT New York has been honoured with the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers award for Best Terminal Operator seven out of nine years.

GCT New York | Staten Island Website

GCT Deltaport | Delta, British Columbia

GCT Deltaport, Canada’s flagship container terminal, is located at Roberts Bank in the Port of Vancouver. It is an 85-hectare (210-acre) facility with three contiguous berths totaling 1,100 metres (3,609 feet). The terminal is designed to handle the largest transpacific container vessels in service and features dual-hoist gantry cranes—the first in the Americas—in its fleet of ten high-speed, super post-Panamax cranes. The facility employs state-of-the-art computer systems and has an on-dock intermodal rail yard with tracks totaling 8,334 metres (27,350 feet).

GCT Deltaport | Delta Website

GCT Vanterm | Vancouver, British Columbia

Strategically located in the inner harbour, GCT Vanterm, part of GCT Canada, operates in naturally occurring deep water and is among the most productive terminals in North America. It is a 31-hectare (76-acre) container terminal with 619 metres (2,030 feet) of berth, offering six high-speed, super post-Panamax dock gantries, a modern fleet of container handling equipment, and an on-dock intermodal rail yard with nine tracks totaling 2,926 metres (9,600 feet).

GCT Vanterm | Vancouver Website