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Global Terminal’s deep water berth expansion is complete.

The berth extension at Global Terminal is complete, making it officially big ship ready. Located outside the Bayonne Bridge, the 2,700-foot deep water berth makes Global Terminal the only facility in the New York harbor able to accommodate vessels over 8,000 TEUs.

Global Terminal completes berth extension.

Global Terminal & Container Services, LLC is undergoing major modernization plans to better serve our current and future customers.  In 2010, Global Terminal leased an additional 69 acres (27.9 hectares) increasing the container terminal footprint to 167 acres (67.6 hectares) in total.

Global Terminal is big ship ready.  As part of the Global Expansion Project, the wharf has been extended 900 feet (274 meters) to total 2,700 feet (823 meters) of contiguous, deep water berth.  Designed to accommodate Suez Max Class vessels, the wharf was completed in April 2014 and is now modernized and fully operational.

Due to the terminal’s favorable location outside the Bayonne Bridge, Global Terminal is presently the only terminal in the New York harbor that can accommodate 50 foot draft vessels larger than 8,000 TEUs.  Upon completion of the expansion in Q2 2014, all yard operations will be centrally-controlled and managed remotely, providing a safe working environment for the trucking community and for our staff.

“The most challenging aspect of this project was constructing the wharf structure over a 100 year-old sewage effluent outfall tunnel located 75 feet below sea level”, explained Guy Buzzoni, Global Terminal’s VP of Infrastructure Development.  He noted, “an extensive underwater vibration monitoring program was implemented during pile driving activities to avoid disturbing the outfall tunnel, as it continues to service the surrounding communities.”  These piles were driven along both sides of the outfall tunnel to support a 200 foot-long span of the wharf structure over the tunnel.

Global Terminal’s expanded berth will be supported by a yard operation consisting of 20 Rail Mounted Gantry (“RMG”) cranes, 17 Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes, and 10 top picks, enabling Global to lead the harbour in best-in-class productivity.  Global Terminal will employ new shuttle trucks to rapidly transport containers from the ship side to the new RMG yard stacks.

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