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GCT New York: Where speed meets agility.

Importers and exporters benefit when calling GCT New York. Our average turn time is under 30 minutes, the fastest in the harbor. That speed, combined with our customer-centric truck service and easy access to major road and rail connections, means your cargo arrives at its final destination faster, saving you money.

How the toll increase affects trucks calling GCT New York:

GCT New York negotiated a significant toll reimbursement for truckers enrolled in the E-ZPass program in 2013. This special rate represents savings of over 60% when compared to a similar 5-axle truck passing through at peak times. Encourage all your truckers to sign up today.

Graph cta-sign-upcta-learn-more

*Toll based on a 5-axle truck at peak times as of January 1, 2016.