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GCT Bayonne takes home the Global Logistics award.

The World Trade Week NY International Trade Awards were held on May 11 at a special breakfast ceremony honoring achievements in the trade and transportation industry. GCT USA was presented with the Global Logistics award for the GCT Bayonne expansion project.

In its tenth year now, the International Trade Awards Breakfast, recognizes important and innovative achievements in the trade and transportation industry. David Brady, GCT USA’s Vice President of Administration, was on hand to accept the award on behalf of the entire expansion team.

 About the award-winning project:

Located in one of the densest consumer markets, the GCT Bayonne Expansion Project (GEP) is the first brownfield container terminal in the Western Hemisphere to be converted to semi-automation, the first terminal in North America to implement the Navis N4, the only big ship ready facility in the port of New York and New Jersey, and remains the only facility worldwide to implement an RMG and RTG terminal on the same overall footprint. Operating a marine terminal is challenging when things go well. To add a semi-automated rail mounted gantry (RMG) yard to an operating rubber tyred gantry (RTG) yard while doubling the footprint of the facility is an even greater feat. The finished product at GCT Bayonne combines non-automated RTGs along with the new expansion equipment. It is notable that the interoperability of these two diverse technologies has never been done before, and resulted in transforming an antiquated RTG terminal to a state-of-the-art RMG facility. Completed in 2014, the semi-automated terminal is now the most advanced facility on the continent.

Situated in the Upper New York Bay in the city of Bayonne, New Jersey, GCT Bayonne is capable of handling the largest vessels transiting the Panama and Suez Canals. It is the closest container terminal to the New York/New Jersey harbor entrance and pilot station, allowing for unencumbered vessel approaches and reduced transit times of two hours each way. The terminal spans 167 acres (68 hectares) and features a 2,700-foot (823-meter) contiguous berth, making it the only terminal in the port with no air or water draft restrictions. Its prime location, combined with world-class technology has made GCT Bayonne the gateway of choice in New York/New Jersey.