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GCT Bayonne successfully unloaded more than 5,200 lifts from the Houston Express in under 52 hours, making it the largest volume handled so far at the new semi-automated RMG berth. In order to make that happen, the newly-trained workforce performed an impressive >100 berth moves per hour.

GCT Bayonne handles largest volumes to date.

BAYONNE, NJ – Since handling its first vessel on the new semi-automatic RMG berth earlier in July, recently re-named GCT Bayonne has now handled two complete cycles of all its customers’ services with strong results.

Following careful planning and implementation, the GCT Bayonne team successfully un/loaded more than 5,200 lifts from the Houston Express in just under 52 hours on the RMG berth. The 8,400 TEU ship is part of the G6 Alliance’s AX1 transatlantic product, and is among the largest vessels calling the Port of New York and New Jersey today.

“Since completing our expansion, this is the first time we’ve deployed 4 gangs on a call utilizing the combination of our shuttle trucks and semi-automatic RMGs. Despite the traffic beneath the cranes, our workforce logged more than 100 berth moves per hour, which is impressive,” said John Atkins, President of GCT USA. “The ILA has been a strong partner and has become fully trained in the new technology.”

“Now that all our stacks are online, with additional calibration, the productive capacity we offer to our customers will only increase from this first attempt at 25.7 moves per hour,” remarked Kevin Price, Vice President of Operations for GCT Bayonne. “Our next goal is to achieve 120 berth moves per hour, which is on par with the productivity consistently achieved at our sister terminal, GCT New York.”