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Staff Accountant – Fixed Assets

Position: Staff Accountant – Fixed Assets

Department: Finance & Accounting

Reports To: Manager, Fixed Assets

Date Written/Revised: August 31, 2018

FLSA Designation:  (Exempt)


Position Summary: Responsible for recording the cost of newly-acquired fixed assets, componentization, tracking existing fixed assets, recording depreciation, accounting for the disposition of fixed assets, general ledger reconciliation, monthly reporting and miscellaneous projects.


As innovators in the industry and the developer of the first semi-automatic terminal in the NY/NJ harbor, our goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible in marine transportation and encourage others to do the same.  We believe productivity is about more than just speed.  It’s about strategically looking ahead and putting the right people, processes, and technology in place to meet the demands of a changing world.  Our biggest investment, and most valuable resource, is our staff and workforce.



  1. Record fixed asset additions, transfers, dispositions, and depreciation in the accounting system
  2. Run general ledger reports to isolate entries requiring capitalization
  3. Reconcile fixed asset accounts and ensure accurate and complete data
  4. Reconcile the balances in the fixed asset ledger to the general ledger
  5. Prepare and post journal entries in a timely manner
  6. Prepare audit schedules relating to fixed assets and assist auditors with inquiries
  7. Prepare various monthly reports to provide detail and summary information
  8. Conduct periodic physical inventory counts of fixed assets
  9. Prepare monthly capital spending forecast for projected cash flow
  10. Prepare monthly and year to date spending comparisons versus budget and prior year
  11. Assist in preparation of CER’s
  12. Assist with development of the annual capital budget
  13. Assist finance group with miscellaneous functions as required
  14. Recommend to management whether fixed assets should be disposed
  15. Make recommendations on how to improve the fixed asset process
  16. Ensure work is done accurately, effectively and timely
  17. Provide analysis and support for fixed assets as required
  18. Positively contribute to team relationships
  19. Coordinate the disposition of assets with the operations team to ensure recorded on a timely basis
  20. Review the useful life of core assets based on planned replacement timing (i.e. adjust if planned replacement shifts to maximize componentization)
  21. Project – do a review of all assets in the Company’s fixed asset ledger and confirm still all exist and/or are in use. Set up annual review and reconciliation to fixed asset ledger.
  22. Maintain/co-ordinate with operations the allocation templates for various components to be set up with acquisition of new asset
  23. Provide guidance on costs to be capitalized/ensure captured for capitalization of assets
  24. Miscellaneous duties as required or assigned by management


Please reach out to us at to apply or if you have any questions.